For all works we have the solution!

The more complete range of equipments, with the possibility to personalize its as you like


Primary Demolition  Secondary Demolition Recycling and loading

       Pinza demolitrice idraulica                 

 Crusher     Hydraulic pulverizer Demolition clamshell
Moltiprocessor   New! Orizontal pulverizer  
Shear orizontal cylinder    
Shear vertical cylinder    
Fixed pilebreaker    
Pilebreaker round pile    
Pilebreaker square pile  
Electrohydraulic grabs Hydraulic grabs Mechanichal and automativ grabs Special equipments

      Pinza demolitrice idraulica                      

 Electro-hydraulic Orange peel grab Hydraulic orange peel grab Mechanical orange peel grab
Clamshell 2 orizontal cylinders Hydraulic clamshell 1 vertical cylinder Mechanical clamshell
Clamshell 2 vertical cylinders Hydraulic clamshell 2 orizontal cylinders Scissor grab
Clamshell 4 vertical cylinders Hydraulic clamshell 4 vertical cylinders Mechanical timber grab
Timber grab Hydraulic stone grab Mechanical stone grab
  Hydraulic timber grab Automatic clamshell grab